Lol that statement is not always true, but most of the time it is. In my last blog I told y’all about my oldest girl getting married. She’s way too much like me, we both revel in being different and dare you to say something stupid to us.

She beautiful, dark and has a wonderful soul, but if you’re turned off my tattoos you will never get the opportunity to know what a special person she is. Her and her husband and all their friends just might be some of the best people I’ve ever met. Just a little bit about the wedding, her wedding dress was black, along with all the bridesmaids’. The guest, all wore black and dressed sexy. All the girls brought it, including me…….my youngest who did most of the planning for the wedding and who was stressing to the max……I texted her as I was coming to the wedding……don’t judge me, your sister picked my dress. That didn’t stop her from going, MOTHER……..shut up, I already told you, your sister was good with this…..LOL! I just love making her a little uncomfortable, she just has to learn to relax. It’s great to see all my kids happy in their lives and the choices they’ve made.

I had some high hopes this year for my bodybuilding, things just didn’t turn out like I wanted, frankly what’s new. I needed to do a show this weekend so I could go to the Nationals. If I did that, there was no going home for
Christmas. Nothing is more important to me than seeing those kids and those grandchildren. So many times in my life my dreams have to be put 2nd, 3rd, or none existent. That’s just life I guess, I’m good with it. There is always tomorrow……….

Y’all check out (Thought provoking studios) shooting again with them the 7th of Dec. hmmm my birthday month, I love my birthday…………it’s my special day!

; ) kisses y’all

Gemma's wedding arm wrestling

So…. I’ve bounced back and forth so many times I’m more than a little dizzy. The only thing I can say is stress is my first, last and middle name. It’s very hard to be great at several things… really impossible! I really wanted this year to be it for my bodybuilding, just because how much money it takes, then my coach said,you have to have a goal…..that is just who you are. He’s right, with out that one thing, it’s like WTF…no reason to get up, diet, workout, go to work, nothing. So I guess I’m not done, I’m doing the Mid Atlantic Grand Prix show Nov. 16th. I’ve ordered a hot new red suit thanks to Henry….

I’m just ready to kick some fucking ass……you know I’m older, but I don’t fucking care, I’ve got a great package…..i’m just going to bring what I’ve got and let just see what happens.

A year ago my brother Robert passed away, as much as I’m sure he was embarrassed about some of the things I’ve done, he always stood by me and was proud of my bodybuilding. I try very hard not to be sad that he’s gone, but I am. My goal in life is to help as many people as I can to make up for the fact that I couldn’t help him.
Going down south next weekend to see my oldest girl marry the love of her life, I’m so excited……one huge party


Ohio13 004First let me say I was very excited to see 5 female bodybuilders competing yesterday, they didn’t divide us up in classes so we were all in one class. That was not the biggest issue, I knew I was in trouble at prejudging when everyone including judges and expeditors knew the other girls by name. Lot’s of high 5’s……..then one girl that they held the whole thing up for cause they couldn’t find her…….she’s being called on her phone…….you get the picture. Finally she’s runs back stage, still has her sweats on, no #, no oil……………..we all have to wait till this is done????? Hmmmmmm that should have been my first sign. Then on stage they pull us off cause I was having a Janet Jackson moment ; ) I felt confident in the pkg I brought, I was good with 2nd cause even though I felt like I should win, I 5’1″ the other girls were 5’7″ or taller so I knew it could go either way.
Finals: same girl, can’t get in fucking line with the rest of us……..everything is being held up for this one chick. Now I know why, she got 2nd and I got 3rd………….REALLY? I didn’t know it was ok for my stomach to lap over my suit, I would have gone and got me some beer and wings before the show. This is why when I did races I would always think about when I was a bodybuilder and laugh to myself cause all that hard work came up to judges…………..and racing…………………well it’s you and the clock baby, the clock doesn’t know anybody’s name.
Lot’s of decisions have to be made now, I have a daughter getting married next month……..but now I’ve got to find another national qualifier to go to before Nov. one more stress in my life I did not need.

That sometimes is the true meaning of being a bodybuilder, it’s kind of like air…….you really don’t think about it till it’s gone……..FOOD………not really that important till you can’t have any! You know it’s bad when you go downstairs to do something, but by the time you get there you have no ideal what is was you were going to do. I must look like hell, I had someone hug me today because they were concerned about me. Mind ya, I smile and speak to everyone at work, and I always fix my and do my make-up. NOT TODAY, boys and girls…………it was all I could do to get out the door. On with my story………..I explained about the show this weekend, still the person ask me why I was doing it……..honestly at that moment I was wondering why 2. I have a goal, still she looked at me like I was crazy! Okay, maybe I’m a little bit crazy………but honestly all I can think about is how great it feels to be on stage; knowing that you have done everything you can to be in the greatest condition. You have to have goals………that is what pushes us passed the pain & hunger!. I will be competing at the Ohio state in Columbus next Saturday Sept. 14th on my way to the Nationals.Masters1

I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple of months…… yes I’m still alive!!!
I’ve taken a new position at the company I work for, I still get to train people; but now it’s to get them to see the benefits of personal training. At 1st it felt like it was going to be just too much stress………but of course it was only me putting that stress on myself. My bossDanray2 is great, very patient…….talks a little fast, but when you can slow him down I’ve learned a lot about sales. Before I sold myself, it’s a little different when it’s other people your selling. I’m lucky, I have a great team……..and it’s my goal to make them better. I have such a great passion for people and helping them reach their goals. It’s been rocky for me, the 2 shows I was going to do this year had to change. I’m going to The 2013 NPC Ohio State Championships Sept 14th and then to The Nationals in Nov. 22nd in Ft. Lauderdale. My coach is very pleased, he just keeps saying I haven’t been this lean since 2009 at The USA……..who would know since they lost my F***ing entry form, but they managed to cash my check………I know I should just let go of this! The best part of that whole trip was getting to shoot with Denise! I’m just saying that I’m excited about all the possibilities this year…………Life keeps throwing me challenges and I just keep getting up and doing everything I can to meet each challenge with a do or die attitude. I’m working on getting some shoots lined up, it’s just so hard when my only day off is Sunday…….be patient with me, i’m sure I can come up with something that will make each of you happy. ; 0 kisses………………….

So unless you live under a rock you’ve heard about the Paula Dean issue. Please people……..I would like everyone to just try and say they’ve not said something negative about someone’s race, religion, or sexual preference. GIVE ME A BREAK! Do I think it’s right……….NO, but if you live in the south; especially back in the day that’s what was said……..again is it right??…..hell no, but again that’s what we were brought up with. Hell my own son said it to his 1st grade teacher, let me just say that was not a bright point in my life. All I’m saying is none of us are perfect, we all say and do stupid things, sometimes just from being plan stupid. I love Paula Dean because I can’t cook,, but watching her made me want to learn. She was the most sexual cooking bitch, all I wanted to do is be her in a video for my website. Rubbing food all over myself and telling y”all how damn good it was…..LOL Can’t we all just get along!!!!!!

Lot’s of stuff going on, talked to Olga the other day. She’s going to the Master’s Nationals, a client got me a good deal on a room so I’m going to. I’ll do some photo shoots to make up for not being at work, and it will be fun to be with her again. The 2009 Arnold will for ever be on my mind…………truly a turning point for me, my eyes were opened to different things. If you’re there make sure you say HI!!!!

Everyone cross your fingers for me, good things are coming my way….I just have to stand up and reach as high as I can to make it all happen. Sometimes you just have to believe, in yourself; others and just fucking never give up. I haven’t and I wont……………my future is in my hands. Only I have to look at the mirror at the end of the day and know if I’ve done all I can or did I just sit on my hands. If you’ve ever met me…………well let me just say, I’m not a sit and wait kind of girl………………
Kisses Y’all IMG_8644

No matter who you are, you always need just one thing: TIME! Time to live, time to spend with your family and friends, time to get all the things that you feel you need to get done. Can you put a price on that?…hmmm I’m not sure. I do know, that it’s the one thing each day that I just can’t get a handle on. I recently was back home spending time with my kids, and my grand daughter, as my youngest had her 2nd child. All I’m going to say is I was completely wore out……I forgot how it felt taken care of a small child.

I’m excited about the year ahead, it’s almost July and I’m looking forward to competing at the North America and just being part of the bodybuilding world. My friend Olga is coming this way july 18th, she is competing in Physique and we are going to the Master’s Nationals together. I can’t wait, she is the hottest little Latino EVER…….it will be great to see her compete and see all the fans in Pittsburgh !! Photographers if you want to shoot with us at the show email me.

So many things are going on at this very minute. I got my pics back from the shoot at Parrillo Performance. Damn-it I was in great shape, everything was rocking and wouldn’t you know the damn lighting in the place washed me out. I’m so disappointed! There are some good pics but nothing that really shows what condition I was in. O well, you can’t cry over spilled milk, you just have to move on. I’m excited to get to compete this year, last year just sucked in so many ways. I’m going to do The Knox Classic in Knoxville Tn. Aug 3rd and then go on to The IFBB North America in Aug 30. Lot’s and lots of work a head of me, but that’s ok. I’m very excited, there’s nothing better than working toward a goal. Everyone should have a goal for them self. Other wise you’re just wondering around without a plan. That would just drive me crazy; I always have to have a reason for everything I’m doing. I know, it’s a lot of work but what I can say it’s what drives me.

I’m headed back to Mississippi this coming week, there’s a special little boy that is going to be born, and a little girl that’s never been away from her mother for a moment that needs to be watched. Wow it’s been a very long time since I’ve been responsible for a 2 yr old. In my day it really wasn’t a big deal, now apparently they have Ipods and TV’s in every room and in the car. Fuck, I’m not sure I can do this…………I almost feel like I need an IT guy to go with me. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I’m not afraid to say that I’m a little worried.

My son the bodybuilder, is headed off to Chicago, he’s has a job with the railroad, I’m so excited for him. He and his girlfriend live in Downtown Mphs, he’s working out at the club that I owned at one time. The colors just pop!!! He told me the new owners are painting it………..what a shame! I put so much love and hard work in that place it makes me want to scream. You know, fuck it……I hate stupid people………a gym should have energy! It should slap you in the face and make you want to be there and train hard, not put you to sleep.

I’ll be on Muscle Girls Live, and Her Biceps Monday Memorial Day at 3pm est… I’m feeling pretty naughty you shouldn’t miss it!!!!!!!!!!!

Kisses Y’all ; )


I had a hell of a time, the location was beautiful and Buzz Aziani and his crew went out of their way to make it carefree and so easy. The pollen here was killing me when I left Cincy, I was hoping when I got there I would feel better. Let me just say, I felt so bad at one point my throat felt like it was completely closing in on me, I tried not to show just how I was feeling until I lost my voice………..that sucked.

It was way worth it in the end, I met a lot of great people that I hope to work with again, and I had a lot of fucking fun. When you go on a shoot you really never know what to expect, so how refreshing it was to have a bunch of fun loving people around me. There was no pressure, no time line…….it was simple one of the best experiences Ive had. The home where we shot was simply breath taking. That was not really even the best part… I got to know Buzz and his crew, we had lots of things in common, I think we all could have talked all night long!

A special thanks to my guy Henry for making this trip possible !!!

Wow, sorry I haven’t said one word about how hot, wet, sexy and fucking off the hook the shoots where. Let me just say this, I got to try things that this little southern girl has never got to do………..O MY ; )
Y’all will just have to be patient and see, I’ll let you know when it’s up and just where it’s up at……….so you can get………well you, UP!
Kisses Y’all

Things couldn’t have gone better, I love shooting with someone that I’m comfortable with. I’m just able to be myself, not worrying if I’m making someone uncomfortable…..I have to smile, John, Lance and Ed were excited about my condition. I’m trying to be patient about the pics, can’t wait to share that with you. After the shoot it was time to have a little fun, I don’t get to have Mexican much and it was Cinco De Mayo this weekend. I wanted to go downtown, I’m not going to say where I was but I will say I will not be going back there. How do you forget to serve someone their food, F****it. Went somewhere else that I said I would not go back and I be damn they proved me right, there wasn’t enough meat to make it worth eating. O well, I’ll get this next shoot done next weekend in AZ then it will be a short little break before putting my head down to compete.
Love Y’all ; )WM7

Funny, I just read my last blog, hmmm I seemed a little angry. Work is a little better, the baby shower went great, and it was good to see the kids and my sweet Ayla. She seems to get bigger and smarter each time I see her. I’ve never seen a 2 yr old stop and slow down what she was saying so I could understand her, at one point I’m sure she rolled her eyes……. one word.. old soul.

My trainer and best friend Lance who always helps me to rise above myself has been kicking my ass in the gym. Things couldn’t be better, and the help that John Parrillo has given us is priceless. I love how I look, I am including a photo from a recent workout here and can’t wait for my photo shoots in May. May is going to be a very busy month for me, between all the shoots and getting ready for my competitions and my 2nd grandchild coming at the end of the month. I’ve got to stay focus on the goal at hand. Everything is always between your ears…….you either believe you can or you don’t. I KNOW I CAN………..I HATE TO LOSE, NO MATTER THE GAME. I pass this passion and belief on to my clients, cause if you don’t believe you can’t achieve your goals.

I’ve done some webcaming last week, I was going to this weekend but it just didn’t work out. It was really great to talk to people I’ve not talked to in sometime. The Welshman for one, who is a dear man. I think he thought I had fallen off the earth or something. I’m still alive, just so so busy it even sometimes drives me crazy. I’ll be back, I enjoy being with my fans. I had forgotten how much I missed being on webcam.

It was a crazy week with the Boston Marathon Bombing. My heart goes out to each person that was affected by that. Thank God there was a fast end to this tragedy.

Kisses ; )
March13 005

Have you just had one of those days, weeks, maybe years…….where you just keep putting yourself out there and well……….nothing works! Sorry, I’m just frustrated on so many levels that screaming just wouldn’t even make a dent in it. Work is hard, long and more than it should be…..disappointing. When you love what you do more than anything, then you find out that maybe you should have left the club your at cause the money they said was going to be there is just not. It’s freaking March I could have been at Next Level or at Parrillo’s Performance and my business would be rolling. Sometimes you let your heart get in the way of making a good decision. Then all I hear from both coaches is you need to stop training so many people so you can eat and train more……..really…….who the fuck is going to pay my bills, you is going to get me to the fucking shows, who is going to pay for my botox………WHO? I really just want to ramp someones head into a fucking wall. This will not actually make anything better but I feel that it just might get just a little stress out!

The next thing that is driving me crazy is one of my girls is having her 2nd child and I’m heading down to give her a baby shower and believe it or not it seems like nothing I say or try to do is right or good enough………..really!!!! Is it not bad enough that I have to have this stupid thing at my ex husband house???? I’m glad he agreed to it, but really!!!
I guess I’ll just pull up my big girl panties and just make the best of it, at least I’ll get to see the kids and my sweet grand daughter.

At least it’s been a great week for working out, so as shit……hardly can move.
I have one thing that make me get up every morning and that’s I fucking refuse to lose at this or anything that is thrown at me…………so world, kiss my fucking ass!

Arnold2013 032Where do I start…. 1st a BIG Thank You to Gretchen for doing my hair which was still rocking on Sunday, Dr Tim who was kind enough to get me a great room at the Radisson and Henry who helped me get some hot outfits for the show.

It was a full fun run from the time I got there, all the shoots went really great. It was the 1st time I had shot with a couple of the photographers. Friday had to be the wildest night that I had in a while. Hanging out in the bar at the host hotel, talking to one of my clients and his friends. Then I ran into Wildkat Conners and Shelia and then it was REALLY ON!!!……up to her room for some video fun. Apparently it got a little loud because security knocked on the door 3 different times….LOL I don’t remember a lot, so it’s a good thing there are pictures. I don’t think I got back to my room till 3 in the morning. It’s a good thing my 1st shoot of the day was not till 3. It’s hard to believe that I was so busy I didn’t even get to the expo. Well we all know it’s a nightmare walking through that anyway. I can’t wait to get the pics and vid’s back so y’all can see……good times!!

Next Saturday is the Northern KY in Covington and that’s always a fun show to go to, afterwards I’m hoping to talk everyone in to going to the new Horseshoe Casino in Cincy, everyone says it’s great!

mk8I’m really excited about next weekend, I mean who wouldn’t be… The crowd is crazy, people watching, and let’s not forget just getting to see all the FBB fans! I’ve been doing shopping for just the right things for all the photo shoots and video’s I’ll be doing.

When all of your cylinders are firing just the right way……everything has fallen into place, what’s not to be excited about. What a better place to be than Cincy. I feel like I’m in the middle of all that’s Bodybuilding. The 1st time I came to the Arnold it was me and Olga, the only person I know that’s shorter than me, but don’t say that to her cause she thinks she talker. I drug her through a sea of people, I had a low cut shirt on and the girls were hanging out……….people just got out of the way! LOL A huge THANK YOU to Tim for my room in Columbus! He’s a great Chiropractor, and a dear friend.

This is going to be a very busy week, I’ve got so much to do in a short period time. STRESS!!!! I’ll get it done! Talking about shopping, I was in Florence Ky Saturday, I found some good slut clothes, we don’t have that kind of thing in Cincy.

My training is going great, strange I had a steak last night and I still lost 2 lbs….It’s different having two totally different eyes on you. They are both giving it their all to make me the best. The rest is up to me, and just how bad do I want this.

Sending a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest girl Gemma…… No I will not tell you how old she is, I don’t need you trying to figure out how old I am. Let’s just say that I was a very young mother.

Time to get cleaned up and ready for my day…………hmmm cardio time.

Y’all come say hi to me at the Arnold ; 0

oct9I see finally that my web guy has made some updates, I wasn’t sure how much longer that was going to take. If you follow me on FB you know that I’m doing a once a week training at John Parrillo place here in Ohio. If you don’t know who he is go to his website Parrillo Performance or check him out on youtube. Last week was shoulders, I felt like I work out hard………..then someone gets a hold of you and makes you feel like you haven’t done shit and maybe you should just take up kniting. After this week, legs………….wow I’m hurting so bad I can truthfuly say I left it all on the gym floor. I understand now that I have to get back to that girl I was when I started… told me I couldn’t I was going to show you how wrong you were. I don’t want to half ass anything, funny I didn’t think I was……….but now it’s clear……..every inch of everything I have has to go to this goal! 2013 is a year of no regrets ; ) stay with me boys it’s going to be a bumpy ride, starting at the Arnold…See Y’all there!

It’s true it is a new year just full of possibilities! Who cares about luck, I think we make our own luck. I hope everyone had a great new years………..mine was quiet, just the way I wanted it. Here in Ohio they have a points system and you just don’t want to fuck around and drink-n-drive, not that you should anyway.
The great thing about Jan is everyone thinks they have to give up something or change something about themselves. Sure, there’s several things I could do better or not do at all…….but really who gives a fuck. I just want to live the life that I choose for myself, I’m just too old at this stage of the game to ask for permission, and as always, if you don’t like it… don’t look!
All kinds of fun things are coming up, The Arnold…….photo shoots, competing, seeing all my great fans! Work is so great I’ve been made a top trainer ; ) I’ve always been The Dom! LOL! But now the pay is even better and as always, the reward is the most important reason!
I have a busy weekend ahead of me, hopefully there will be some wild sex somewhere in that mix………..I’m sure I can stir something up…………don’t you
Kisses Y’all

Yes, I know it’s been more than a minute since we’ve talked. I just read my last blog and everything I said didn’t happen. I know, one minute I think I know what I’m doing the next minute I’m staying cause things are fallen from the heavens……..who knew that people would care if I was leaving. When people are throwing the world at you how in the hell can you walk away, especially when you didn’t want to go. No matter what I did someone was going to get hurt, and that was the very last thing I wanted. I just couldn’t walk away from the people I had helped since I walked in the door.
I’m down south, with the family……….I laugh cause this is home, but Cincy is home too!
I said I feel like the girl in sweet home Alabama you need a passport to come down here……LORD! It’s truly who I am……… can take the girl out of the south but you can’t get the south out of the girl!!!!!!!!
I’m looking fromward to next weekend, coming to the Bengals game!!!! Too much fun!!
I’m also looking forward to this year ending and starting a new one, one that I’m going to compete!!!!!!!
I’m so glad that each of you are with me, every inch of the way ; )

It’s time for a NEW adventure..

Life has it’s ups and downs, I always try never to get caught up in all that, just do my thing and move on…… It’s become more than challenging to do that now. UA has been bought by a bigger, corporate health club. I’ve sat back and watched so many people I care about lose their jobs. Work is where I’m the happiest………now not so much…It’s like the air is out of the room. As much as I hate it.. it’s time for me to move on, lucky for me I’m surrounded by people who care about me. The day after my birthday I’ll be moving to another club. Next Level Fitness in Eastgate across from the new Jungle Jim’s. I wish that each of my clients would just come with me but I know that’s too much to ask. So I look forward to getting new clients, and the opportunity to touch and change more lives. It’s funny to me that I have a short shelf life, the longest I’ve been anywhere is about 4 years. I was coming close to being at UA 3 years. I’m so excited and sad all at the same time, I care so much about my clients and about the members of the club……it’s hard to leave. This is a door that I have to go through, for my career, my bodybuilding, and in order to be happy.

The photo shoot that I had a couple of weeks ago went so great that I can’t wait to work with this man again. You know the 1st time with someone you’re just trying to feel them out about what they are really comfortable doing or are they just all talk. He was great, these pics could not be better. The only thing that would make it better is a video of all of it………hmmmm I need to get to work on that. I’m including a pic for y’all and all of them have been sent to the webmaster……..he needs to get on the ball and get these out!

I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and don’t forget my special day is coming send me some birthday wishes ; )

Today I said goodbye to the person that no matter what would drop everything and come help me. Apparently he must have done that for lots of people. Mind you we didn’t hang out, we didn’t know the same people………….but he must have touched lots of lifes. My brother was the meanest son of bitch you would ever want to meet. He never met anyone he liked…………..but he liked me! His heart was soooo big, at least for me. There were people from our high school there at his funeral…………i’m thinking really. I guess that I had no ideal of the person that was my brother. He knew about my website, he listen as I had an interview on rock 103…………..never once was he ashamed. That was an amazing brother. I got to see people I’ve not seen in a long time. I reconnected with cousins………..high school friends. All I know is that I was very pleased to see my brother touched more lifes that I could have imagined. He was loved, and at the end that’s really all you can ask for.
Robert………….thank you for loving me, and never……..ever juding me!
I’ll will be seeing you soon!

Well I’ve been here since Dec 09, I’ve held on to my Miss. drivers license all this time, they expire in Dec so it was time…. WELL.. let me just say Ohio must think very highly of there drivers license………..cause that was the biggest pain in my ass ever! My SS card was illuminated so they wouldn’t take that, sent me off to the Social Security office which I was there over an hour in not the best conditions and they took my water from me……REALLY! Ok got my paper work back to the drivers thing I went only to be told they gave me the wrong paper work…….you’ve got to be shitting me! At this point I was done, I didn’t give a fuck. The problem is I just got a new car and I’ve got to have my licenses to get my tags…….grrrrrrrr! Ok back to the SS office where I just didn’t give a fuck I just walked up to a window and explained I’ve already been here…..finally someone with a brain gave the right paper work and off I go determined to see this through. So even though I have a drivers licenses from the great state of Miss. I have to take a written test to get my Ohio license………….no I’m not making this up. I got the damn thing, but I have to say it was hard giving up the last thing that showed I am from the south. It makes me more than a little sad, well at least I’m happy here surrounded by good friends and great clients.

I’m busy as a bee getting ready for my photo and video shoots with Chris Lloyd starting next weekend. I want to say a huge Thank You to Henry for all the shoes and clothes. That’s really going to help make these great shoots for everyone. My asst. is digging in my toy box trying to help me pick just the right thing to wear……… I guess I need to get started helping him.
Hugs and Kisses ; )

I’ve always been a big believer in senergy, always being very careful of what I did because didn’t want anything negative coming back my way. I have to admit, I’m kinda over that cause I watch all these fuckers around me having it all and not caring who they screw over in the meantime….. So yesterday it was said again, everything happens for a reason……..can you just see me rolling my eyes! Okay I have to admit this last little bend in the road I wouldn’t have seen coming from a mile away. So maybe there’s something to the whole thang, someone that I thought couldn’t stand me just might be the person who not only saves me but puts me back in control of my own destiny. I can’t say anymore than that……… things develop I’ll let you know.

Well I’m sure that everyone know’s Iris just won her 8th Olympia! I Was very happy to see Deb get second, I just love her. Couple of the girls that I really thought were going to do well just didn’t have the best condition. Shelia placed great for her 1st time on the Oylmpia stage. Congrats to everyone!

Tomorrow will be Oct 1…………I love the month of Oct, huge fan of Halloween. All my shoots are in this month, I’m very excited that John Parrillo is going to let me use his gym for a shoot. It’s so great there, I really can’t wait. I want to get you some hot pics and videos, I do enjoy pleasing you ; )
Well I have tons of stuff I must do today, CARDIO being one of those : (
Hugs and Kisses

Life sometimes sucks so much, you have to wonder why you keep trying! I don’t stop and I DO NOT quit. This week the health club that I work for were sold to a larger fitness chain…. Life is very uncertain at this moment, I have all the higher ups telling me everything will be ok……..but on the other hand, I’ve already had several job offers. All I know is that I really want to keep my clients, they are my family………….I love all of them. I hate this, but what am I to do?????

Today was so fucking great, I went to the Bengals game, on the 50 yard line and only 10 rows up!!!  I had so much fun……I wish every day could be that way.

I look forward to the future, if you know who I am……….you know that I’m never scared about change………or really about anything. I face life straight on……no matter what, if you’re good at what you do, and I fucking am….what is there to fear….nothing so let’s bring on the next chapter of my life. The only thing that pisses me off is not being able to compete this year, but this is not the end…….it’s just the being!!!!

This year has been such a struggle, at this moment I feel and look better than ever. It’s tough when you’re dieting and doing all this cardio…when in your head you really don’t know if you’re going to make it. There’s only 8 weeks left till the Nationals, I expressed my frustrations to my coaches Thursday night…… is always tight, I don’t want to spend over $500 to enter this contest and then not be ready. My body is finally responding, this is going to happen…It has to!!!!!!!
Being a bodybuilder is a very strange thing, I thought about this as I was out with a friend yesterday. I get annoyed when people stare too much at me and then I get pissed if I’m not being starred at…….WHAT’S THAT ABOUT?? So you can see apparently I’m never happy, and you wonder why more people aren’t in this sport.

I finally got botox this past week, it feels so good to look at myself and not see wrinkles, sorry it’s the small things in life that sometimes means the most. It’s starting to get a little cooler here, thank God! I’m very tired of the heat…….funny I was at Kroger today and there were several women with sweaters and jeans on…I’m like…REALLY it’s fucking 80 degrees outside. I guess if I was fat and I would want to have as much clothes on as possible. Maybe that’s why I always go half naked everywhere…that and I’m always so hot I can’t stand having a lot of clothes on.

It’s good to have football back, I love watching the pre-game show, my favorite is the one with Howie, and Jimmy Johnson on Fox….too funny.

Yes tomorrow is Monday, back to work……….it’s a good thing I love what I do, cause damn I work way too much. Here’s looking to the future, that being Atlanta……….I just want to make everyone proud of me, so many people are pulling for me.
Hugs and Kisses Y’all

So the things I learned this weekend, 1st bodybuilding is totally an unfair sport, we are all just subject to the judges opinions…..that’s it. Kim Ferrell who won the open light heavy weight class placed 2nd in the over 35 in the same weight class.. Ok it was different judges, the girl that won wasn’t in the open class, but I still don’t get it. I feel bad, I was sure that this weekend was her moment!

2nd lesson, if you put duck tape on your clothes before putting it on someone’s mouth (ok my mouth) it doesn’t hurt or pull half your skin off. Who knew, LOL! I think each of you will enjoy and get a stiff one from the bondage shoot I did. There were photos and videos and lots and lots of fake noise for the videos. My trainer was in the room with me and apparently the figure girls next door thought he was the fuck of the century…we were in the elevator and they just kept smiling at him and giggling! Too funny!

It’s been great to have a little time off, I’m ready for my head to be down and get ready for Nov. For every goal there is always a price, I’m ready again to pay the price, to go to the one thing I’ve been working for most of my adult life. I’m sure people reading this wonder why, when you find something that your good at…you just can’t stop or let go. This is who I am, it’s ingrained in my soul………..I don’t know why……I love being different! So stay with me on my journey, it will not be a smooth ride, but I can promise one thing……….it will be a whole lot of fucking fun!
Bye Y’all

It’s been a great weekend so far, the show is smaller than I expected. I’m excited to see Kim Ferrell I’m so sure that tonight she will be getting her pro card. It could not be happen to a better person, she is a great person for our sport. I’m sure that the heavy weight will be taken the over-all I think her name is Tammy Jones. It was sad to watch the faces of Kate Cooper and Angela Rayburn as they were not called out. I know how that feels and it just sucks as you just try to smile through it. I’m currently getting ready to be tie all up………….yes it’s a bondage shoot for me. LOL………why does everyone want to tie me up, o and gag me…….ok I do understand that part a little. He wants me to be naked, hmmmm we will see. Whatever happens I’ll be sharing with you!
Hugs and Kisses ; )

I use this word often, I want you to fuck me, go fuck yourself, fuck me running. I could go on for days, I find this word pretty much can express any and all of my feelings no matter what. It’s Sunday, between all the cardio and only one day off and it’s not really a day off cause I have to go do cardio I just fucking want to scream. I know, I’m the one that chose this path……..just sometimes it is so FUCKING HARD! What’s a girl suppose to do???? If I don’t follow through with my goals I feel like a loser and I just can’t quit. So all I’ll say is there’s no whinning in bodybuilding……….get over yourself.
So the stupid question of today while I’m doing cardio, wow you have really muscular legs did you get them by doing the stepmill…………REALLY???? I was nice, and smiled and said no lots and lots of squats and lunges. When really I wanted to say yes, this machine is crazy how it builds muscle. Yesterday one of my co-workers scared the shit out of a older woman by telling her I had only been lifting weights for a couple months and thats what it did to me. You should have seen her face, priceless!
Thursday it’s off to Pittsburgh to see the North America, can’t wait………I wish I was competing just wasn’t in my cards, that’s ok Altanta is in Nov and it will be good to be back in the south, and who knows it might just bring me luck.
I have photo shoots lined up, and apparently one of them is going to tie me up. I remember the last time someone wanted to do that to me, it’s fun for about a min. after that I’m kind of done.
If you’re in Pittsburgh come give me a hug, I wont bite…….too hard ; )

I have a new do………hair do that is. I was having a moment; my hair dresser couldn’t seem to get me in…. I was trying to be patient, but the shit was looking so bad I was just balling it up on my head so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Finally I texted her and said if you can’t get me in this week I’m just going to have a Britney Spears moment (shave it all off). Amazingly she was able to get me in but at that point I was more than ready for something different. It’s shorter, a little redder, I like it but I was shooting for a dark auburn……..but she was not going to have any part of that. Ya’ll will see, I’m heading up to Pittsburgh for the North America show. I’m not competing but I have photo shoot set up that I can’t wait to share with you, one of them is a bondage shoot……what is it about me that makes people want to tie me up???? I can understand maybe wanting to duck tape my mouth, but tying me up…well let’s just say that you would be missing out on so much fun.

Things are going well with my training, having two great people helping me with my prep has certainly helped. I’m suppose to do 1.5 hours of cardio, this has been a huge challenge our stepmill is down so I have to go to one of the other clubs to do my cardio. Let me just say this past week was hell, doing an hour of cardio at 9pm makes it very hard to go to sleep then Wed. morning I over slept missed a client…………..I never do that! Then I was doing a whole 1.5 hour all in a row until I was told that I lost muscle mass and gained body fat……damn a girl just can’t win. So I trust my trainers, I’m going to get the job done. I wish everything wasn’t so fucking hard, I mean really….come on!
The story of my life………..apparently I like things HARD!

I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the emails, and letters. I’m so glad that you love me, and I love you. Thank you for always being there for me, you have no ideal how much that means to me. I had someone at the club come talk to me the other day while I was working out, I had to smile when he said he was a fan of mine. Never be shy about talking to me, it truly warms my heart for ya’ll to speak to me.

Kisses and Hugs ; )

My temperature gage is off the charts, I eat…I sweat, everything I do I’m sweating. It must be sending some kind of sexual msg’s out too, lol….its good to be big and sexy, I love being in control……but having the control taken away can be very hot in itself. Training is going well and I’m excited, looks like I’m going to go watch the North America. I just got to keep this head down; Nov and the Nationals will be here at blink of an eye.

Just to share a couple of funny things, one of my beloved clients, mind you he so didn’t mean to do it put we were doing heavy triceps pushdowns and I had 140lbs on it, last rep down I go to change the weight………..every starting going slow motion, he lets go of the bar and all I can see is this coming toward my eye………then I’m on the floor. I’ve got my hand over my eye, thinking OH Shit, please no blood…. Hand away from eye.. BLOOD !………O God! I feel like a rag doll as there picking me up and slap stuff on my face, all I can think is did you wash your hands!!!!!!!!

I just get the stuff from the first aid kit and slapped a band aid on it and went back to work….. Next client, do you need to go to the hospital, naw bitch you are just going to workout. I was very lucky keep it cover for a whole week, no scars. So if this week wasn’t bad enough, some Ass stole my phone at the club. I have a new one with the same # but I had contacts since 2004 lost…. Karma will get those little fuckers.

Guys I’m big, and I feel like I’m ready to take over world !!!

Hugs and Kisses

After my last blog so much has changed, it was just AWFUL……I never cheated, my cardio was there an hour and half each and every day. Half the time the air was out at the club and my silly ass still put my sweat suit on to do my cardio. Nothing was happening, My weight was going between 141 and 143 and 3 plus weeks had gone by. I’m not going to lie, I was looking at myself I knew something was wrong. I wasn’t hard, I wasn’t getting any leaner……and last year at this weight my abs were out and I was doing photo shoots. Every year it’s gotten harder, taken more work but this year……..well it seemed to be impossible. I cryed when my trainer finally sat me down and said you’re just not going to be in shape in time for the North America. I just fucking wanted to scream, at him, at myself………….WHY……i’ve done everything I was suppose to do…..WHY????? I’m not a loser or a quitter……..there has to be an answer, I reached out to John Parrillo of Perrillo Performance who is closer than I even knew. He agreed to see me which was great because he was one of those people on my bucket list to meet. He’s been so great, my body he says has just shut down……..he was very concerned about me. With his and my trainers guidance my bodyfat has gone down 3% and my lean weight went up 4 pounds… I’m using his products which have already increase how I feel and how I look. I’m hard again…..I know cause people are staring. My traps are up around my ears and I’m just fucking jacked.
So we are moving forward at this moment, looking toward the Nationals in Nov…………..With these 2 men behind me believing in me and me believing in me…………..well let’s just say I feel better than I have in years. I had some fun playing in downtown Cincy on sat, the Banks are sooo much fun !!
Kisses Ya’ll

That is really an under statement!!! It’s been a 100 degrees plus in Cincy and hotter down in Mississippi. I’m glad to be back home, but I already miss my kids and the most perfect grand daughter. Who knew that a 20 mth old could work a computer, maybe she could help me out with my site. LOL! My son is massive and training hard and the girls are doing great, both seem very happy. It was good to see Olga and Anna at the Boiling Point saturday nite, both have left their husbands and are on their own now… It’s a good thing, you have to be with someone who supports your dreams!!!

I want to say thank you to Mike Lance in Southaven who opened his gym to me! It’s funny someone came up to me there and said that they remember me from WindStone in Olive Branch MS years ago……..I thought really???? My son said, mom no one can forget you after they’ve met you. Now that was just about the sweetest thing he’s ever said to me.

Being in contest mode and going to see your kids is hard, they wanted to meet at my favorite mexican restaurant in Olive Branch. Well let me tell you I’ve never and I mean NEVER walked into a mexican restaurant and not had a margarita and food. I had a chicken salad that was shit and tea, I was in hell!
Then we go into Memphis for my son to pick up his clothes from James Davis that were specially made for him and apparently he has he’s own personal shopper, who brought him a cocktail while he was waiting………….I believe the boy is in heaven!
Tomorrow it’s back to the real world…….hours of cardio, dieting,training and work.
Kisses ya”ll

Dieting seems to bring the worst out in my personality, my workout partners are nice………ok maybe too nice…. All I can think about is ripping a couple of their heads off just so they’ll shut up. Then members, they have no ideal that I’m dieting or what’s going on with me cause my hair is all balled up on my head due to all the cardio I’m doing… so why the fuck would I do my hair cause it’s just going to get messed up anyway. Let’s not mention the poor clients that some of them survived this shit last year and let’s just say their not looking forward to it again……… the newer ones that are just plain afraid! I just keep telling myself to keep my mouth shut……….doesn’t always work. Having to explain the reasons I’m not taking in carbs and doing cardio in a million clothes makes me want to scream! It will be ok, it always is………..just there are times I just think I’m going to explode, the roller coaster ride we call bodybuilding. The good news is I’m going south come next week, I can’t wait!!!!!! I want to hold my kids and spoil my grand daughter. She can say a million words and I want to hear everyone of them! There is a def leapord concert at the riverbend that I had tickets to……….but once I said they were in the lawn………..people are like nooooooooooo Wanda you don’t want to be in the lawn!!!!!!!! Then they explained that people throw up and spill beer on you all kinds of other things. Hmmm sounds like a recipe for a fucking fight to me, I think I’ll pass. 100 degrees today in Cincy but the Reds are winning !

The good thing about contest season is I’ll be adding a ton more photo’s for ya’ll. Denise has already invited me down to shoot with her, and there are tons more being booked as we speak… You know I love ya’ll and I wish I could web cam and work some of the sites…………I’m busy from sun up to sun down and it doesn’t leave a lot of time for fun…………keep sending me emails it always puts a huge smile on my face ; )

So I was off to do an hour of cardio, only to get to one of the clubs that have several step mills and they all were full!!! I’m not a shy girl so of course I ask how long each person had………..I’m not sitting around for over 30 min to get on one………….WTF!! I’ll just get over it, maybe. I’ve been getting an hour to an hour and half each day so I just left, no biggie.
I working out with 4 girls that will be doing their 1st show this year, each of these ladies are just to die for. I love watching the men in the club watch us workout. It’s always 12ish on Saturday when we are all together, all the sweating and grunting that goes on…………it’s quit the turn on. Image there is 3 blondes and a dark chocolate girl………..we are a site! I just love these girls, it’s been a while since I had this much fun working out. I’m very excited about this season, as I push forwarded looking for the one thing that has meant so much to me……… pro card!!!!!!!!!!! No one has any ideal of all the sacrifices that go into this, money, time, energy………it’s a committment that takes over your whole life. Because of my age, and being a personal trainer, I feel like I’m Mel Gibson in the Patriot running with the flag so others will following, and fight! I can’t quit, I can’t give up if I do others might lose faith in themselves. So I’m running as hard as I can to the finish line, I have a point to prove, and I’m fucking going to prove it!
I’m looking forward to all the sexy photo shoots I’ve got coming up, nothing makes me happier than giving each of you exactly what you want and need. I want to be your addiction, the one thing you just can’t live without……………..
I’m thinking of you always, that’s what I want and need from you!!!!!

So…. me Cat and Codi made the trip to Dayton Ohio to a BB show. The girls are plaining to compete this year and i wanted them to have a good idea of what they would be doing………nothing sluty enough for me. I laughed when the girls asked me what to wear I said the slutier the better..its a show, right ??

The judging of the bikini and figure divisions was more than a little confusing. This makes it real hard when your trying to help someone and it appears the judges don’t know what they want. There was a lot of hot contestants, maybe even a couple stripers…….I was digging their moves.

Cat and Codi are in there 20’s so I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to take them back to Cincy or if they were up for some partying ??? OK Fun it is!!!!! and a hell of a lot of fun. There is a mexican bar/grill at the mall in dayton, OMG…..soon as we hit the bar we are getting free shots. We were up dancing and screaming, it must have been quite the show. They both are very pretty and are really going to rock the stage when it’s there turn…. I got up late Sunday cause I didn’t get home to 1:30 am.
Sunday was up and going… there was the Summer festival at coney island. That was fun, I didn’t buy anything and I really wanted to, just nothing scream my name. Had drinks at the pirate’s cove on Sunday that was nice and relaxing. Then to some friends house for dinner. It was a full and fun weekend.
The workouts are going well and I’m getting excited about getting going with my prep.
I’m going back to the diet I used in 07 when I won the JR Nat’s it’s all or nothing with me…………it’s going to be ugly, I’m going to be pissed off a lot, but at the end of the day when I step on that stage i’ll know that I did every fucking thing possible to win this show………let the fun begin.
I’m so thankfull for ya’ll on my site, bodybuilding is a very expensive sport, so if you would like to help me I would appreciate it.
Hugs and Kisses ; )

Im going to the NPC Julie Palmer’s Ultimate Showdown Figure Show saturday nite at the Dayton Convention Center…. im bringing some of my girls that will be competing this year in other shows, its going to be PARTY ON !!! CANT WAIT !!! Say Hi if you see me.

Hmmmm……..your butt bone, who would think about such a thing, no one except if it’s hurting like a hell !! Yes, for whatever reason I got up yesterday morning and I open my eyes thinking what the fuck………why can’t I move??? OMG I’m in a lot of pain, then I tried to get out of bed, that was ugly. So I’m making my way downstairs tryng to get a handle on this… mind you, I take something to go to sleep at night and sometimes I do sleep walk…..generally I just cook breakfast and that kind of shit,lol.. I just keep thinking did I fall downstairs, what did I do……..I’m naked looking in the mirror….I don’t see a bruse. I’m soooo confused, yet in lots of pain, who knew your butt bone being off a little would hurt so fucking bad. All I’ve thought about was being off for a couple of days and what I would do…………well apparently I’m going to be in fucking pain and sit on a fucking ice pack……….what the fuck!!!!!!!! I am a little better today, I’ll deal with this, just not too happy about it. Hmmmm I wonder if sex might help me to feel better?

My bags are packed...ready to shoot !!

Or should I say the lack of…..This week I was at the Kroger at Hyde Park and when I was getting out of the car I saw what I thought was a check……I dismissed it and went to get my shopping done. All week long for one reason or another, I’ve not gotten home before 10pm when I was at work at 7:30am,but that’s another story….I came back out and there it was STILL THERE !……it was killing me I had to pick it up. It was a fucking check for over $200. I took the check to customer service as they looked at me strange, I did the right thing and turned it in.
I got off early tonight, I’m grilling out with some friends and enjoying one of my last few cocktails for the bodybuilding season.
I’m going to just take a breath tonite and not worry about anything for this moment.
I have lots of shoots, and vid’s lined up, going to Vegas, Indy and a Pinups shoot in Fla after the IFBB North America…can’t wait to get back to that part of my life. I’m going to start web caming on HB again, just got to get my room ready for it and test everything out……..hmmmm maybe the toys need to be tested out too..I wouldn’t want there to be a bad battery or anything…
LOL. Dieting is NOT fun, but I look forward to being in contest shape again..I’m like a fine wine, the more I age the taster I am!
I want to welcome all the new members to the site, you’re very much appreciated, and to all that have been with me though thick and thin…..well you know I love you!
Kisses Y’all

Yes it was a hell of a weekend!!! Saturday I went downtown to enjoy good friends and great margarita’s. I was at Nada’s.. wow that was such fun, I didn’t blink when I ordered a $13 margarita. I have a client, Laura that cycles a Pedi Cab in downtown Cincy…….she picked me up and gave me a tour of downtown around Fountain Square… Sooo much fun, if you’re ever in Cincy look her up and she’ll take you on a ride!!!
1 more reason to get my diet on, looks like I’m going to Vegas at the end of June for a video deal and off to Flordia after i compete at the IFBB North America at the first of september for more video shoots so stay tuned……so many things to do, like a shit load of cardio!
I’m more than a little hungry right now, too hard to think. O’well I’ll get use to it again.
Kisses Y’all !!

I’ve had one of those weeks where it’s been a come to Jesus on Saturday. All the stars aligned this week and I realized that I just can not lead a team of personal trainers. This was a hard place for me to be, I didn’t want to let my team down or the higher ups that entrusted me with this position. You know, when you just realize your heart is not in something.. it’s just not. I just couldn’t take another day feeling like a loser, I’ve got so many clients in order to do the mangers job right I would have to get rid of a lot of my clients and the thought of that really gets to me. I’m a trainer, I feel like it is the most special gift that I could have been given. I get to touch people’s lifes though fitness. Wow, how great is that……….this is my greatest passion other than bodybuilding.
Monday starts my contest prep for the IFBB North America, I’m all in and ready to put my head down. I’m ready…….so so ready……..I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win!!!!!!!!
My last meal is waiting on me, yes it’s a hambuger!
Hugs and kisses ; )

Sooo sorry…. it’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged, I was down with the flu almost 2 weeks, I didn’t work for 4 of those days……….that’s just not me, but I just couldn’t even move. Then now it’s been playing catch up at work, and I’m trying to get all my CEC’s for my Personal Training cert, Just enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Oh and the worse part of all of this… I had planned a trip home to Memphis and couldn’t go due to missing so much work. I wanted to scream! I’m excited, I thought I was going to have to go into my contest prep without my beloved stepmill, THANK GOD IT’S FIXED. My diet is starting May 1, this year I’m going to make it to middle weight. All this money I put into this sport, I’m just going to have to put my head all the way down and not look up until after my show. Seems like after 2 years I’m actually going to have some fellow competitors………yeah! I would really like to find a workout partner. It get’s a little boring without one……..even though I have the GREATESS trainer on the planet, it would just be nice to have a little horse play during the workout like I had with Brandie, Olga, Christy and Mel. There maybe something big brewing……..but I can’t tell you just yet………..but I’ll keep you informed.
It’s a rainy night here in Ciny and work starts way to fucking early in the morning. People offten ask me if I have a bed at work…….because anytime they’re there……so am I…..LOL
I hate things cost so damn much, it’s getting closer to photo shoot time and I’m currently not sure how I’m going to get botox. So I’m just saying if you have any thoughts I would love to hear.
I wish they knew how to clone people, I would so get in they deal, so much to do and so little of me. I want to thank all of you for sticking with me, it really means a lot to me.
Well the bed is calling my name, hate it’s just for sleep…….not some recreational activity.
Hugs and Kisses ; )

The Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Show was one of the biggest I’ve been to in a while, over 500 competitors….. The pre-judging was standing room only,and finals was off the hook. Last year when I went to this show, I stayed all of 15 min……..this year was the real deal. The quality and the quantity were far and above I’ve anything seen in a long time at a regional show….
It was was very difficulty for me yesterday, 2 very dear friends ended up in the same class. I thought both were great, but as we all know there can only can be one winner. Being able to step up on stage makes you a winner…….but we all want the trophy. There were words of un-fair judging but I have to say is thought it was all fair, one of the best run shows considering the amount of competitors…….all I know I would not have wanted to judge it… that’ just how tough this was!
Kisses ; )

What a great weekend!!! it started Friday night going to Tostado’s with a friend sitting outside enjoying the spring weather. Worked Saturday morning, too much fun…. I took several clients outside for training and apparentley did a little advertising because someone stopped and wanted to talk to me about training… I got off work and off to the Banks n Cincy Downtown, where I met friends and had the best time ever! Lots going on downtown for St Patrick’s day! You would think people of Cincy had never seen someone with muscles!! Funny we went into one of the newest places at the Bank’s, and a man walked up to me and said Wanda you don’t know me but I’m one of the mgr’s here and you speak to me everyday at the gym………’re 1st round is on me!!
It pays to be nice, even though thats not why I do it. I wish we would have stayed there but there were reservations at the Precint Steak House. They have a new bar area and I really did have a lot of fun.
Some fool went down the street last nite ripping off each cars rear view mirror, somehow mine survived, he passes out down the street where he was arrested. Good times!
I here over 300 hundred competitors will be at the Northern KY next weekend, I can’t wait. Melanie Wiggins from back home Southaven Mississippi is coming up and and competing. I cant wait to see everyone so If you’re there please come speak, I just love to meet everyone!

Let me say I had the best time ever being in Denise’s booth, I did what I do every day smile and speak to people. I took tons of pics with fans… met the nicest people ever. It was a great weekend, I want to thank James Steele who is a friend and client who picked out my dress and my shoes and arranged for my makeup to be done my Honor at Nordstroms. Gretchen Meineke at Idenity who is a friend/client and my hair dresser who did my hair. Everything was perfect, I felt great and had so much fun meeting and talking to each and everyone of you! Thank you so much for making my weekend…. It’s funny, I would like to understand what it is about me that draws people to me, I was sitting in the hotel bar and a very pretty women was walking by I smiled at her. I just loved what she had on and the next thing you know she’s sitting with me..she was from Australia , that was great!! I just had so much fun with Amber DeLuca, Denise and Alicia Alfaro !! I hope Denise will invite me back next year!
Hugs and Kisses to each of you, hope to see ya’ll at the Northern KY………….me and all my friends will be there, come say hi!
Good luck to all the competitors! congrats to Debi for getting 2nd she’s one of my favorites.
Love Ya’ll

Yesterday, I did feel like a princesses, my dear friend James who is a professional shopper at Nordstroms had a room set up for me with dresses, shoes and the works. I was fitted for a bra, and by the way apparently I’m not a DD I’m a F………..who knew. So I can’t wait for y’all to see the dress and the fuck me shoes I got… Oh and by the way there was a taylor that came in because I wanted the dress shorter………..y’all are just going to die when you see this. I have to thank a special person who helped me with the cost of that, THANK YOU HENRY ; ) It’s just been a great weekend, the sun is shinning here in Cincy. I’m getting my make-up and hair done for the Arnold and I’m doing everything I can to look hot for all my fans. My oldest daughter turned 31 Friday, I must have had her when I was like 10 or something, no way I have a child that old.
I just found out Mel from Southaven is coming up to compete in the Northern KY show in 3/24/12, can’t wait to see her. Everyone from the club is going. My Regional District Mgr is competing. She looks great, what a great person she is, so inspiring, and what a great leader! I would run into a burning building for that women and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about anyone that wasn’t a family member.
so what do y’all think about the new vid’s ?? the only word I can say it too hot! Lisa Cross is amazing and I cant wait to see her at the Arnold.
Hugs and Kisses to everyone, and always think you for your support……….You know I need it!!

I can’t wait, I just found out Lisa Cross is going to be there. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen her. With that being said, have you got the vid’s of us. That was one wild day!!!!
I can’t wait to see Dense and the gang at the Pinup’s booth, they are always so much fun to be with. I’m not sure what all I’m going to do while I’m there, I’m still trying to figure that out. All I know is that it’s a wild time, and I’m ready for the party!
Work is crazy, I’ve been trying… and you should unline that word trying to get everything orgainized so that i can schedule trips, photoshoots and shows. It’s a good thing that it’s against the law to kill someone or there would have been a lot of killing this past week. I’ve got to learn to be patient,lol………….just way toooo hard.
Valentine’s day is around the corner, just another day!!!!! Too much pressure people put on just one day to prove how they feel about someone. Sorry if you’re not showing me everyday how important I am to you, then I guess I’m really not that important am I????
I’m really looking forward to this year, no telling what’s going to happen. I’m just going out there and doing the best that I can do and not worry about the rest. I still need that botox, I wish that shit grew on trees!
Hugs and Kisses

I NEED SOME BOTOX !!!! there is no way I’m going into this years photo shoots without it. I don’t know at this moment how I’m going to get that done….but somehow or another I’ve got to do it.
I’m going to the Arnold and maybe working a couple of booths…….hope to see yall there, make sure you say hi to me!

OMG, I have a client that works for Norstrom and he got me a free facial………I felt so special. The funny thing was I walked in there and people knew who I was, apparently the fact that I speak to everyone that walks in the door to the club actually pays off!

I don’t know about you but I think the site has the hottest pics ever, and the vid’s are off the hook. I’m always doing my best to please ya’ll and give you the most.
I’m excited about this year and the new content that is coming………….
kisses to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so what can I say, I’ve been stressed out…….I’m over worked and I want to run screaming from the building. I went in today even though I have rules about that. Can you tell that I’m a little angry!!! It’s okay I’ll get over it. I’m cleaning up my eating and getting my cardio done………..frankly I would like to kill someone or just eat and drink whatever I want. WOW I know… so sorry I know that ya’ll think my life is all about fun and lifting but in the middle of all of that there is reality! I did get the fuck of my life yesterday………..let’s just say I’ve not screamed like that in a while. It’s good to get the pipes cleaned. I’m working hard on being positive and working toward my future, where life leads us is always a question. I’m ready to face my future because the past was yesterday, I always choice the present and shoot for the future. Stay with me, I know that I can’t always do everything but what I do………….is FUCKING off the hook and I do it just for you!
Kiss ; )

I read my last blog, I was so excited about getting my mgr’s job back…….but that’s why you’ve not heard from me. I have a way of overwhelming myself, so that’s what I’ve been busy doing! It’s really hard when you feel like every little thing you do has to be the best, if it’s not right, it’s wrong, if you don’t win you failed……do you get the picture. I would love to find balance but I just can’t spell it. On a brighter note, I did WIN trainer of the year, the company I work for has 33 clubs,  this was a HUGE honor. When people speak of it I play it down, but really between you and I it was one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had professionally. I don’t do this for thanks, or recognition, I do it because it’s my gift that I live to touch people and help them find their way in life through fitness.   I’m sure there are people reading this thinking what the fuck ever, sorry it’s true, we are all here for a reason……..I wish some of my reason was to be a pro FBB but so far that’s not happened. LOL!

So yesterday was my 50th Bday, and let me just say it was a hell of a special day for me.  I took half a day off work, went to lunch at a great Italian meal then off to downtown Cincy to the coolest bar, Catalaic Ranch………….there’s a bull.  I couldn’t seem to get my short ass on it, but I did get a pic with it…

I’m going home for Christmas, I can’t wait to see the family and friends. This has become my home now, even though you’ll never take the southern out of me, people so great that I feel loved and at home.

I promise I’m going to keep you updated on what’s going on with me, I so wanted to include a cool pic I just send of me off DM site but I never know who is looking at my blog………….you understand. ;  )

Hugs and Kisses Ya’ll

I love this time of year, when I lived in Miss. I lived in a haunted house….don’t laugh it’s true. The owner who’s name I will not say died in the house. He was always moving he’s cowboy hats around the bedroom, I’m not sure if he was trying to scare me or what I just kept telling him to go to light. I live on a old street here in Cincy I was hoping to see something so far nothing.
It’s hard to believe how fast time passing, I’m heading down to MS for my grand daughters 1st birthday. 1st I’m excited to see my kids and her… it’s been forever. I hope to see all my friends while I’m there and when I”m coming back home I’ll be stopping in Jackson Tn to see Brandie and anyone else that will come out to play.
OMG! sooooo this week my reg. district mgr came into the
club and said she needed to talk to me….She is a great women, she is a FBB, very strong good person. She told me she
nominated me for trainer of the year in the company…OMG!!! That would be so great, fingers crossed. She also gave me my QCS job back, I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am. I can’t wipe the smile from my face.
Thank you to all that follow me, take the time, money to be with me. You are appreciated!

If you follow me on FB at all you know I was in Destin this past week. Did I ever need that, good God it’s been since ’07 since I had a real vacation. I know I’ve traveled but when there are photo shoot’s, contest involved I don’t count that as a vacation. This was eat whatever I whated, drink whatever I wanted. I would sleep late, go shopping, lay on the beach. You get it, whatever the fuck I wanted to do I did it. I did workout at the Gold’s Gym on the main drag, nothing to serious just to get the blood pumping and give that food some place to go. I just think it would be sweet to live some place next to the ocean. I fill revived, like I can go back to work tomorrow with a good attitude, before I left I just felt like I wanted to run screaming. We all know you can’t do that, cause no matter where you run there you still are.
Good news I’ve gotten the photo’s and vid’s from my shoot with Denise…………..H O T!!!!!!!!!!! Those will be on the site soon, and the video’s will be available for purchase. The thang with Lisa and I is HOT, but come on this is Denise!!!
Back to work, not to mention the cardio I’ve got to do……people are calling about doing photo shoots, and I’m hmmmm not right this moment….lol There is such a thing as being too off season, maybe……don’t tell my trainer, but I’m having a pizza tonight, yes I said it. The 1st thing he’s going to make me do tomorrow is step on a scale, ulgy I can just hear it now! It was all worth it.

stay tuned for those pics ; )

I’m so excited, it’s so great to be here, to feel the breeze off the ocean. I want to say a big Thank you to Dee and Peter for making this happen. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Destin contact them at 513-561-4683. I’ve done the whole beach thing, shopped till I’ve dropped. It’s going to be a little hard to go back to Ohio……………..